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Most people maybe aware of the animosity even hatred between the female celebrities Cheryl Tweedy and Charlotte Church. But I’m sure nobody knows about the cat fight they had at the swanky Landmark Hotel in London. Cheryl Tweedy a WAG wife of footballer Ashley Cole and celebrity singer with girls aloud is well renowned for her violent temper and assaults on people, also her feuds with other celebrities. She is known and reported to have running feuds with Lily Allen, Paris Hilton, and Jordan. However none of those got so far out of control as her feud with Charlotte Church which escalated into a violent catfight. Cheryl is capable of looking after herself in a fight and is not slow to use her fists and when she does she is very good with them.

Welsh celebrity Charlotte Church’s boy friend of Welsh international rugby player Gavin Henson is also well renowned for her outrageous and violent behaviour. Charlotte Church is always in the newspapers with vivid pictures of her violent and drunken behaviour, but not many people know about the catfight she had with Cheryl Tweedy. I found out from an eye witness the only witness to the violent cat fight. However before I get to their catfight at the Landmark Hotel I think I should let the readers know some of the build up and how it came about. Both Cheryl Tweedy and Charlotte Church have been very free and vocal in the media criticising each others behaviour and artistic talent. I have listed some of the accusations rants and taunts used by both Cheryl Tweedy and Charlotte Church.

These are some of Charlotte Church’s rants and quotes. In one amazing rant Welsh celebrity singer Charlotte Church accused Newcastle upon Tyne born Cheryl Tweedy singer and member of Girls Aloud of not being able to sing, not having her classical back ground, just a run of the mill pop singer and a poor one at that. “I have the voice of an angel”, “While she has the voice of a flat frog”. Charlotte Church stated. Church’s response was reported a calling Tweedy “A Geordie Cow”. “I’d like that love, you and me, singing competition all right? That’d be brilliant, you Geordie Cow. “Oh and don’t think I have forgotten about you being charged with aggravated assault after beating up a black female cloakroom attendant Sophie Amogbokpa”.

These are Cheryl Tweedy’s rants and quotes. Cheryl Tweedy retorted with accusing Charlotte Church of plagiarism and coping Girls Aloud style. “She can’t write anything of her own not talented enough”. Cheryl Tweedy retorted with citing Charlotte’s drunken brawling and falling out of night clubs and taxis. Cheryl Tweedy also accused Charlotte Church of being fat. Cheryl was quoted as saying “I’m sick of Charlotte Church she’s a Welsh joke” . “I think she needs the publicity that’s the reason she’s slagging me off”. “She’s so childish and disrespectful who does she think she is?” “If she wants to be a female Liam Gallagher, then she can go ahead, she is a bit of a joke”. “What about her step brother arrested for assaulting a woman I say more”. “The family are precious, ... not!”. “As for her woos of a boy friend Gavin Henson looks like aright ponce to me”. “Hi might be a rugby player but with hair dyed red”. “He clearly hasn’t heard of the saying never trust a red haired Welsh man, and he dyed to that colour I ask you”.”Also let’s not forget the photo in the Daily sport although I bet you wish we would”. “Brazenly wearing a see though white dress I ask you, its bad enough for fat Welsh cow like her”. “But what caps it all is those Bridget Jones knickers you can see underneath it”. “You could accuse her being mutton dressed as lamb in those hideous granny knickers”. “Also what a TV presenter the fat Welsh joke is punching actor Simon Greenwall on the first night of her TV show”.

You can see from these quotes and rants that there is little of no love lost between Charlotte Church and Cheryl Tweedy. The hatred anger and animosity had been building up for months. Both girls were god with their fists and good fighters and if it ever came to blows it would one hell of a catfight to watch. It did at the swanky Landmark Hotel in London and the fireworks were electric according to the eye witness report. Also believe it on not the eye witness was none other than Gavin Henson her boy friend. He gave me an account of it when he was very drunk in a Cardiff night club. It seems Charlotte Church and Cheryl Tweedy were invited to the same charity do at the Landmark Hotel in London. They arrived at different times, Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole after Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson and might not have met accept for fate.

Cheryl Tweedy excused herself to go the bathroom leaving husband Ashley Cole talking to other celebrities. As she made her way to the bathroom she overhead raised voices coming from around the corner. Curious Cheryl Tweedy rounded the corner and came across Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson arguing bitterly. They were accompanied by a couple of other Welsh Rugby stars Leigh Halfpenny and Mike Phillips who were trying to calm the situation. Several other celebrities walked by and stared at the rowing couple. Finally Leigh Halfpenny and Mike Phillips managed to break up the row and take Gavin Henson away leaving Charlotte Church fuming on her own. When Charlotte Church saw Cheryl Tweedy standing there smiling she was far from pleased.

Seen enough yet you Geordie cow?”, Charlotte Church asked. “More than enough”, Cheryl Tweedy replied smirking. “To know you will be making the papers again another public row with you ponce of a boy friend”, Cheryl Tweedy added. “How do you work that out then?”, Charlotte Church asked hands on hips. “Because I’ll tell them you Welsh halfwit”, Cheryl Tweedy replied. “The angel voice Welsh bitch drunk again”, Cheryl Tweedy added. “Yes I can believe it”, Charlotte Church snapped.

Just like the two faced low life Geordie cow you are”, Charlotte Church added angrily. “Where is the big ponce gone now to cry in the gents I expect?”, Cheryl Tweedy asked. “I’m not surprised your antics would make most grown men cry”, she added. “He’s not a ponce you just don’t understand style when you see it you Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church replied. “But at the moment I couldn’t care where he is”, she added. “As far away from you as is possible if he has any sense”, Cheryl Tweedy stated. “But to take up with you in the first place means he hasn’t any sense”, she added. “The last thing I want to do now is argue with you, you Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church replied trying to get by Cheryl Tweedy. “Not wanting to here the sound of your own voice I find that hard to believe you fat Welsh bitch”, Cheryl Tweedy said blocking Charlotte Church’s way. “Believe what you want Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church said still trying to get by Cheryl Tweedy. “Oh no you’re not going until you have had a few home truths from me”, Cheryl Tweedy said obstructing Charlotte Church. “I don’t have the time or patience for this”, Charlotte Church said in exasperation. “Make it because your not going anywhere till you hear me out, this has waited far too long”, Cheryl Tweedy replied.

Come on then Geordie cow lets have these great revelations then”, Charlotte Church said. “OK where to start”, Cheryl Tweedy said. “Well you can’t sing you can’t write your own songs you have to pinch other singers’ styles”, Cheryl Tweedy stated. “Can’t sing?”, Charlotte Church asked in exasperation. “No you can’t unless it’s for your stupid Welsh choirs or eisteddfods”, Cheryl Tweedy replied. “I’m known as the girl with the voice of an angel”, Charlotte Church stated. “Yes but unlike all the other angels you are still alive”, Cheryl Tweedy replied. “Very funny for the record I don’t copy other singers’ styles”, Charlotte Church said. “I can assure you I don’t need to copy anything of yours Geordie cow”, she added. “I’m a classically trained singer not a fly by night run of the mill pop singer like you”, Charlotte Church snapped. “That’s good for you then you fat Welsh bitch”, Cheryl Tweedy replied. “Maybe you should take up opera there are openings for fat lady singers there”, Cheryl Tweedy added. “I’ve had enough of this get out of my way”, Charlotte Church said angrily pushing against Cheryl Tweedy. “No you haven’t not nearly enough its only just started”, Cheryl Tweedy said resisting Charlotte Church’s pushing. “In here should do us nicely I think”, Cheryl Tweedy said pushing Charlotte Church through a couple of double doors into an empty conference room.

While this was happening Gavin Henson had got rid of his two protecting team mates Leigh Halfpenny and Mike Phillips and was making his way back to the function room with the charity do. He didn’t really want to see Charlotte Church after their row but things would be worse if he didn’t. As he came back to where he though he’d left Charlotte he couldn’t see her so he carried on down the corridor. As he got to a bend in the corridor he could hear her voice coming from round the corner. She was arguing with another woman, he waited and listened and realised it was her arch enemy Cheryl Tweedy. One reason Gavin liked Charlotte was for her violent temper. Not being on the end of it but he liked seeing other women on the end of it, he enjoyed seeing Charlotte brawling with other women. He poked his head round the corner slyly. He could now hear and see their argument and realised that was getting more heated with more insults exchanged. He wondered, no hoped it would end in a scrap as both women were renowned for their tempers and violent attacks on others. It was getting that way Gavin thought as he peered round the corner and saw Cheryl Tweedy push Charlotte Church through the doors into the empty conference room. Gavin had always been a cat fight fan although he never told Charlotte or anyone else for that matter. Gavin had always hoped that Charlotte’s feud with Cheryl Tweedy would end in a cat fight and now it looked like it was.

Cheryl Tweedy bundled Charlotte Church through the doors into the empty conference room. They closed with a bang behind them but the right open opened a little and stayed like that, Gavin Henson had pushed it open and held it ajar with his foot just enough to see what went on inside. “OK now we can settle things properly you fat Welsh cow”, Cheryl Tweedy said as she pushed Charlotte Church into the middle of the room. “I don’t know about settling things”, Charlotte Church replied. “But I am going to settle you for good Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church added pushing back. Gavin Henson watched them push each other back and forth across the room but they slowly and surely moved towards the middle. “Don’t push me you fat Welsh bitch”, Cheryl Tweedy pushing and jostling with Charlotte Church. “I’ll do more that push you Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church jostling with Cheryl Tweedy. When they both got into the middle of the floor they both pushed and moved apart, the fight seemed to stop, action temporarily suspend as they panted glaring at each other.

Gavin Henson peered through the door at Charlotte Church and Cheryl Tweedy standing in the middle of the empty conference room glaring daggers at each other. Gavin stared at both panting angry women in turn. Cheryl Tweedy was a brunette with brown eyes she was wearing a black top and short red tartan kilt with calf length black socks and black patent shoes. He also knew she had on a pair of black knickers on under her kilt as it had flipped up as she pushed and jostled with Charlotte Church. Charlotte Church he knew was a honey blonde with blue eyes. She wore the same racy dress she had been photographed in the Daily Sport. I was white silk and virtually see-through, it reached down halfway down her thighs.

Gavin could make out Charlotte Church’s large white silk panties underneath similar if not the same as she wore for the Daily Star photo opportunity. Gavin couldn’t understand why she was wearing them both again one very evocative the other stunningly unsexy. That’s what their argument come blazing row had been about. She had finished her outfit if you could call it that with ankle length white boots.

Charlotte Church and Cheryl Tweedy looked each other up and down as they glared angrily at each other. “My god you’re not wearing that again I though it was joke or you’d lost a bet when it was featured in the Daily Sport”, Cheryl Tweedy said shaking her head in disbelief. “No way not those old big Bridget Jones granny knickers as well”, she added contemptuously. “You look bad enough inmost things but really frumpy and unsexy in those you stupid fat Welsh cow”, Cheryl Tweedy sneered. “Pots and kettles come to mind Geordie cow, what the hell are you supposed be in the kilt and top”, Charlotte Church replied. “A scotch harlot”, she added. “You shouldn’t wear tartan you’re not a Celt you’re English not Scottish or Welsh and you shouldn’t cheapen or disgrace the Celtic heritage”, Charlotte Church she hissed angrily. “I’m going to kill you fat stuck up Welsh bitch, if anyone cheapens the Celtic heritage it’s you in that stupid whorish dress and big granny knickers”, Cheryl Tweedy shouted. “I’ll show you just what the English do to and have done for so long now to the blessed Celts Welsh or Scottish”, she added her face white with anger. “I’m going to kill you, you ignorant English Geordie cow and strike a blow for Wales the Celtic nation”, Charlotte Church snapped angrily. “These Welsh fists are going to punch your stupid English Geordie cow face in”, Charlotte Church added cocking both her fists. “Try it and see how far you get”, Cheryl Tweedy replied. “These English fists are going to knock you out you fat Welsh bitch”, Cheryl Tweedy added raising her own fists.

Gavin Henson watched Cheryl Tweedy and Charlotte Church’s heated argument get hotter and more enraged as they swapped insults about each others clothes. He had to agree with Cheryl Tweedy over Charlotte’s choice of clothes for the evening. He had hated seeing her like that in the Daily Sport. The see-through dress was OK, not that anyone liked seeing their girl friend like that in a national newspaper particularly not the Daily Sport. But he accepted it as the price to pay for dating a celebrity and being a celebrity himself. The old big Bridget Jones granny knickers was another matter though they were hideous, unsexy and did nothing for image. Cheryl Tweedy was right in that score. He quite liked Cheryl Tweedy’s attire particularly her black knickers he’d only caught a glimpse of them but they were so much more sexy looking than Charlotte’s old big Bridget Jones granny knickers. “Yes let’s see it”, Gavin said to himself in anticipated excitement at Cheryl Tweedy and Charlotte Church threatened to punch each other stupid their firsts raised ready. He knew both of them were good with their fists and he was about to witness a tough and exciting cat fight.

Give me you best shot Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church said inviting Cheryl Tweedy to try and punch her. Then without warning or waiting for Cheryl Tweedy to respond Charlotte Church threw a right punch at Cheryl Tweedy’s head. Cheryl Tweedy only just managed to block the punch with her left forearm. She stepped back dodging the follow up left from Charlotte Church and hit back with right jab of her own right between Charlotte Church’s fists catching her on the chin. Charlotte Church staggered back her fists still raised shaking her head. “Is that one good enough for you, you fat Welsh bitch?”, Cheryl Tweedy asked. “I’ll take your head off for that Geordie cow”, Cheryl Tweedy replied angrily. Charlotte Church came on fiercely aiming left and right jabs at Cheryl Tweedy’s head. Cheryl Tweedy kept her guard high blocking the attack as she retreated, then took a left jab to her right cheek and a right uppercut to the chin. The blows made Cheryl Tweedy reel backwards with Charlotte Church dogging her every step. Charlotte Church aimed more left and jabs at Cheryl Tweedy’s retreating head. Somehow Cheryl Tweedy managed to keep her guard together as he fell back blocking Charlotte Church’s follow up blows. “This is going to be your lesson in how to fight Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church said as she forced Cheryl Tweedy to retreat under a hail of jabs.

Don’t worry, I already know how to fight”, Cheryl Tweedy replied blocking several left and right jabs to her head. Cheryl Tweedy then shot a right jab through Charlotte Church’s fists again catching her on the left cheek snapping her head round. Charlotte Church gasped in shock as she took the right jab to her left cheek it snapped her head round and stopped her attack in its tracks. “Was that as good as the first?”, Cheryl Tweedy asked. “How about this?”, she added catching Charlotte Church in the right eye with a let jab. “I’ll kill you for that Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church said angrily lashing out with her fists. Cheryl Tweedy was forced to defend herself again her forearms pummelled by Charlotte Church’s fists. As Charlotte Church threw punches at Cheryl Tweedy her short see through white dress lifted up uncovering her large old fashioned looking white panties. Cheryl Tweedy’s arms whirled in defence battling to keep Charlotte Church’s jabs out causing her short kilt to fly up exposing her black knickers.

You’re going down Geordie cow”, Charlotte Church added aiming a hard right jab straight for Cheryl Tweedy’s nose. Cheryl Tweedy just managed to deflect it slightly with her forearm and the jab grazed her right temple. She instantly responded with a right upper cut of her own getting it under Charlotte Church’s extended guard to catch her square under the chin. Charlotte Church groaned as the uppercut caught her under the chin.

The blow lifted Charlotte Church off her feet causing her short see through white dress to lift right up completely exposing large old fashioned looking white panties.

The telling punch sent her stumbling back and she fell heavily on her bum. Charlotte Church sat on the carpet legs apart exposing the crotch of her large old fashioned looking white panties. “See no lesson required for me at least you fat stuck up Welsh bitch”, Cheryl Tweedy sneered as she stood over Charlotte Church as she stared up angrily at her. “What finally nothing to say you big mouth Welsh wind bag?”, Cheryl Tweedy asked.

When the female fists started to fly Gavin Henson was in his element. He enjoyed seeing Cheryl Tweedy land the first punch to Charlotte’s chin. Even more Charlotte’s angry counter attack scoring a jab to Cheryl Tweedy’s left cheek and an uppercut to her chin that sent her retreating. Gavin was impressed with Cheryl Tweedy as she kept her guard together as she fell back under constant attack from Charlotte’s fists. It definitely looked like Charlotte had Cheryl Tweedy on the run. He loved her sneer about giving Cheryl Tweedy a lesson in how to fight, particularly the ‘Geordie cow’ jibe. He watched Charlotte continue to force Cheryl Tweedy back under a relentless attack from her fists. He enjoyed seeing both women’s underwear as they swaying movements lifted their shorts dresses up. Charlotte’s short see through dress would uncover her large old fashioned looking white panties. Cheryl Tweedy’s short kilt would fly up giving him short excited glimpses of her sexy black knickers.

I reckon Charlotte has Cheryl Tweedy”, Gavin sighed not wanting the cat fight to end too quickly. He was sure Charlotte was right when she said, “You’re going down Geordie cow”. The hard right aimed at Cheryl Tweedy’s nose looked sure to connect and was as surprised as Charlotte when Cheryl Tweedy somehow managed to deflect it, turning the killer blow into alight grazing blow to her head. He was even more surprised as was Charlotte Cheryl Tweedy countered with a right upper cut that put Charlotte on her backside. Gavin enjoyed Cheryl Tweedy’s sneer, “See no lesson required for me at least you fat stuck up Welsh bitch”. Their cat fight had started well Gavin only hoped it would continue so or hopefully get even better.

By Friar Battle-annals Copyright 2010

This a the start of a longer female celebrity fight story it has several colour illustrations by the artist JG

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I have complied this chronicle of Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice catfights, taken from my university thesis on the UK Media and famous celebrities. It was been compiled using information and cuttings from the daily press and interviews with witnesses and people involved. I have used all these items of information to piece together this amazing story of Posh Spice’s catfights. I hope the reader enjoys this exciting and entertaining tale. It is written from the view of a witness, or voyeur for each encounter of catfight.

Catfight 1 Jordan

Posh Spice’s first catfight was with Jordan. Victoria Beckham had a long-standing feud with Jordan and it was common knowledge that there was little or no love lost between these to good-looking famous celebrities. Over the years they have exchanged many personal insults and brickbats. These culminated in their first physical clash. It happened bizarrely enough in a wrestling ring, how the two top female celebrities came to be in the same wrestling ring was down to a clever ploy by her husband, football star David Beckham and an ITV production engineer working on the reality show called ‘Celebrity Wrestling’. They hatched a plot to get Posh Spice and Jordan together for a bogus celebrity-wrestling match, on the show.

David Beckham was well aware of their rivalry, and he was excited by the idea of his wife Posh and Jordan having a catfight that he could not only witness but have a videotape of it as well. The scam was believable, as both women were antagonistic towards each other. They didn’t need too much manipulation to get them into a catfight situation. However the most brilliant part of the plan was to make them share the same dressing room. This ploy feigning over an crowded studio was a stroke of genius there rivalry and antagonism would ensure the fight would be all out, highly entertaining. The fact was that they were the only ones there beside the production engineer and David Beckham. I only heard about it from sources within ITV. I witnessed it at a private viewing of the videotape of their match and playing of the audio tape Posh and Jordan’s heated exchanges in their dressing room before the match given to me by her husband David Beckham. Trouble between Posh Spice and Jordan started long before their concocted celebrity cat fight. However being forced to share a dressing room, was the catalyst that sparked the tough exciting catfight that followed.

The cat fight did take place in the celebrity wrestling ring but was never scheduled to be broadcast. In fact they were brought to the studio to be separate parts of the show. Victoria was supposed to be supporting another celebrity Ricky Gervays who was pitted against Anthea Turner’s ex husband. Jordan was expecting a catfight but not against her archenemy, Posh Spice. Jordan was already dressed for he match when Posh Spice entered the dressing room with Max the production engineer. “What are you doing in my dressing room?”, Jordan asked aghast as the door opened and Posh Spice and Max came in. “Why did you bring me here with her?”, Victoria Beckham asked as indignant as Jordan about being in the same room as each other.

“Ladies, …..ladies, ….. I know, …… I know”, Max said throwing up his hands. “But there are no empty dressing rooms you have to share”, he added hastily. “With her, ……. never”, spat Jordan. “Let her change ladies loo”, Jordan added. “I’d rather do that than share with you”, Posh Spice stated. “But you can’t even the loos are being used we are that crowded”, Max lied. “Its here or nowhere for both of you”, he added. “Well if she keeps quite and out of my way I suppose it will have to be OK”, Jordan replied. “OK, but under protest”, Posh Spice said. “OK thank you ladies for being so understanding”, Max said. “I’ll give you your calls on the intercom, when we are ready for you”, he added as he left them to it.

Posh Spice and Jordan glared at each other in silence for a few seconds. “Stay over your side of the room…… there”, Jordan said coldly pointing. “Don’t worry I won’t get to close not sure what I would catch”, Posh Spice replied. “A cold if I was dressed like you”, she added staring at Jordan. Jordan who thought she was going to be wrestling was already dressed for the ring. Jordan was sporting sexy light blue lingerie, that consisted of a lace up two tone blue bra with silver embroidered flowers on the front, either side of her large cleavage. She had brief tie side, blue panties with light blue piping around the edges. Her attire was completed with fishnet stockings and a light blue garter on her right leg, with matching silver embroidered flowers on it. She had a twinkling diamond necklace round her neck with the word sex in capital letters made up of rows of diamonds, between two strings of smaller diamonds. Her long blonde tresses hung over her large breasts as she sat staring at Posh Spice. “Like what you see, ….. you’ve been staring long enough?”, Jordan asked. “Not gone off David have you,… not into women now”, she added tartly.

No I thought you were cheap and you look it dressed like a whore”, Posh Spice replied coldly. “Yet you still think you need to advertise”, Posh Spice said scowling at Jordan’s explicit diamond necklace. “Well it you’ve got them dear, ….. flaunt them I say”, Jordan replied sticking her large boobs out. “There but you can’t can you dear, even with an expensive nip and tuck”, Jordan added cattily. She glanced at Victoria Beckham looking her up and down. Victoria Beckham had come already dressed for her part as a supporter for Ricky Gervays. She was dressed as a cheerleader for US football or basketball team. Her colours were very patriotic red, white and blue. She had a white v-neck top with half length sleeves and blue piping round the seams. The front of the white top was adorned by a blue cat covering the right side of her torso with its blue tail disappearing over her right shoulder. Posh had a brief red min-skirt on that, allowed brief glimpses of her white silk panties underneath if she sat down and moved her legs. She had a red bandanna on he head and white high-heeled shoes. She was also carrying two large white pom-poms to complete her cheerleader outfit.

“Well what are you supposed to be a teenage cheerleader?”, Jordan asked. “You certainly seem to have the boobs of a thirteen year-old, despite your nip and tuck”, Jordan added. “I’m not supposed to be anything I am a cheerleader, that’s why I’m here”, Posh replied flatly. “As for my boobs, there all natural, mine, not filled with silicon like you revolting monstrosities”, she added. “Who you dressed for, you husband?”, Jordan asked. “Prefers the younger woman does he, makes you dress up”, Jordan sneered. “He prefers me, …. despite other’s lies to the contrary”, Posh replied. “Well there’s a lot of liars around that’s all I can say”, Jordan remarked “Or he tends to stray a lot”, she added. “We are happily married”, Posh replied. “All the media and celebrity lies can’t stop that yours included”, she added. “Believe what you like, …. I know what happened”, Jordan said.

“I won’t say that David and I are and item”, Jordan said. “But it was fun, all the same”, she added. “Lies more lies”, Posh Spice raged. “You’re a selfish cow”, Jordan replied. “No wonder David has to look else where for fun”, she added. “How dare you”, Posh Spice hissed. “David wouldn’t go with a fat big boobed whore like you”, she added angrily. “Size of your tits make you insecure do they?”, Jordan asked. “Or the lack of size should I say”, she added. “That’s just typical of you”, Jordan said. “Yeah like you didn’t whip them out in china town, didn’t flash wore ‘won tons’, and asked me if you needed a Boob job”, Jordan added. “Well as you saw, they weren’t pumped up with Silicon like some I could mention”, Posh Spice retorted. “I think you’re and evil conniving cow, there’s a certain situation and people will see what a bitch you are”, she added. “You’re just vile”, Posh Spice spat. “Huh vile huh?”, Jordan asked. “Just remember who sang ‘Who let the dogs out’, when I came into the players’ bar at Old Trafford”. Jordan added. “Well if the cap fits as the saying goes”, Posh Spice said.

“Well I’m not a fake, or anything on me, not like you”, Jordan challenged. “No, you’re a genuine cheap tart all right”, Posh Spice replied. “Cheap that’s rich”, Jordan blazed. “I didn’t wear a false lip ring at the party in the park concert”, Jordan added. “So what?”, Posh Spice asked. “You’re a bad influence to youngsters wearing something like that, but you couldn’t do that properly either, had to fake that too”, Jordan replied. “I’m a bad influence”, Posh Spice snorted. “You who does full frontal with your crutch and tits out, calling me a bad influence”, she added. They both fell silent for a few second hearts beating quickly from the excitement of their heated argument.

“Look I didn’t come here to exchange insults with you as satisfying at it is”, Posh said. “Then why did you come as mutton dressed as lamb?”, Jordan asked. “To support a friend hence the gear”, Posh replied. “Hopefully it won’t involve you, sharing this dressing room with you is bad enough”, Posh added. “What friends have you got that you don’t have to pay?”, Jordan asked. “More than you’d know”, Posh replied. “But I still think your dressed to go on the game than wrestle”, Posh added. “I don’t need to solicit, …men come to me, remember”, Jordan replied. “Does that remind you of anything or should I say anyone”, she added. Neither of them said anything for a few moments and the dressing room was filled with an icy silence.

“Jordan we will be ready for you in twenty minutes, at ring side”, the production engineer said over the intercom. “Please make your way to the ring in the studio where filing is about to start”, he added. Thank you, I’m on my way”, Jordan replied. If he had not rigged the intercom so it did not switch off, he would have not heard their brickbats that led to their tough cat fight. It was recorded by the production engineer and he subsequently sold it and the video footage to David Beckham, who had accompanied his wife and witnessed to whole affair, unknown to his wife and Jordan. David had been excited by Jordan and his wife’s animosity towards each other and he’d engineered this to see if he could make it escalate into something even more exciting.

Jordan left Victoria Beckham in the dressing room and made her way out into the studio floor, where the ring was set up for the celebrity-wrestling show. She was still flushed and annoyed about her bitchy argument with Victoria Beckham, so she failed to notice that studio was strangely empty for somewhere so full she had to share a dressing room. The ring was in the centre of the studio, and unlike on Saturday nights it was not flood lit and full with wrestlers and audience. It was deserted and eerily quiet with a few spotlights illuminating the ring alone in the large studio. “Hello anyone here?”, Jordan asked as she walked round the empty ring. Her voice didn’t seem to carry very far in the dark silence of the studio. She was in a small area of light in the centre of the studio surrounded by a sea of darkness. “Hello, …… hello?”, Jordan asked again, and got not reply. She walked round the room confused and a little annoyed.

Sitting several rows back in the darkness was David Beckham. He watched Jordan arrive waiting to see what was going to happen. “Hello ….. I’m here for the wrestling”, Jordan shouted into the darkness. “You just called me here remember”, she added. “Sorry Jordan, …. things are a bit hectic up with the schedules all”, Max’s voice said blaring from the over head speaker making Jordan jump. “Sorry, .. thought you’d forgotten me”, Jordan replied. “No, just get in the ring and wait your opponent will be along soon”, Max said via the loud speakers. “Thank you”, Jordan replied climbing through the ropes into the ring. She walked slowly round the ring then leant against the corner ropes, unaware that David Beckham’s eyes were following her every move. Jordan pouted she was psyched up from he argument with Victoria Beckham and was eager to get her match over with, vent her anger on her opponent while it still burned hot. Jordan looked all round the studio, but it was dark outside the ring and she could see nothing despite the nagging feeling someone was watching her.

Victoria Beckham stared as the door Jordan had just left by. “One day I will make you pay you trollop”, Posh Spice said. “I’ll not let you or anyone else come between me and David”, she added. “This is your twenty-five minute call Victoria”, Max said over the intercom. “You need to make you way to the ring in the studio”, he added. “OK, …. “Thanks”, shouted Posh Spice from the other side of the dressing room. “I’m ready to come now”, she added. Posh Spice picked up her pom-poms and left the dressing room and made her was through the dark empty corridor to the main studio. It was dark everywhere only lit by low level emergency lighting. Where the hell is everybody, Posh Spice thought to herself as she walked along the semi-dark corridor. If I’ve had to share with that conniving bitch Jordan and there was no need someone will pay, she mused darkly.

The only real light Victoria Beckham could make out was ahead where she was making for the main studio floor. She walked on up the corridor still not meeting anyone through some swing doors into the main studio floor. She stopped and looked round. In the centre of the large studio floor was a large raised wrestling ring. Victoria Beckham recognised it as the one used in the celebrity wrestling show. It was not difficult to miss, as it was the only thing illuminated by spotlights in the large dark studio. There was someone in the wrestling ring, a female, and scantily dressed it appeared. Victoria Beckham frowned when she realised it was Jordan. “Trust my luck, the only person I meet in this deserted studio is you, the last one I want to”, she said walking over to the ring. “Oh no what are you doing here?”, Jordan asked looking up in surprise.

“Well I’m not looking for you”, Posh Spice replied. “Where the hell is everyone?”, Posh asked. “A good question”, Jordan replied. “I don’t know, I’ve been waiting here several minutes and you’re the first person I’ve seen”, she added. “Its not very crowded is it”, Posh Spice stated. “Where’s that producer got to”, she added irritably. “My question as well, not heard from him for a few minutes”, Jordan said. “Hello where are you what’s happening where is everyone?”, Jordan asked loudly looking up into the dark recesses of the studio where she guessed the control might be. There was no reply and Posh Spice and Jordan stared silently at each other for a couple of minutes. Posh Spice climbed into the ring and started to walk round it, still clutching her large white pom-poms. “Going to cheer for me?”, Jordan asked. “Only at your funeral”, Posh Spice replied.

“Well the last person I wanted to be alone with again twice in one day is you”, Posh Spice remarked. “I can assure you the feeling is mutual”, Jordan replied. “Well I can think of better things to do with my time spending it with an over rated celebrity dressed like a cheap tart”, Posh Spice said as she stopped and stared at Jordan. “Watch that mouth, or I’ll be cheering at your funeral”, Jordan replied. “Yeah like I’m scarred of you”, Posh Spice quipped. “You should be, if you don’t want to lose your expensive nip and tuck boob job”, Jordan replied. “I’ve had no boo job”, Posh Spice asserted angrily. “You have, … you didn’t have any boobs before well not ones worth mentioning”, Jordan stated. “Huh so says the bimbo with enough silicon in each tit to keep Silicon Valley in chips till doomsday”, Posh Spice retorted. “Huh your just jealous, you wish your were as big as mine and as natural as mine”, Jordan said. “Huh there as natural as a plastic bag”, Posh Spice sneered. “And closely related to one I’m sure”, she added.

“Dear, …… dear, can’t bear the thought that I’m the better woman can you little Miss Prissy”, Jordan said shaking her head. “A big fat ugly lump like you a better woman don’t make me laugh”, Posh Spice said. “Well I’m more attractive than a bronzed stick insect like you”, Jordan replied. “To who?”, Posh Spice asked. “Most men”, Jordan replied. “I bet David does”, she added slyly. “You leave David out of this”, Posh Spice said angrily. “He doesn’t hang around with cheap tarts”, she added. “Well the newspapers seem to think differently”, Jordan replied. “It would appear he likes to go with lots of cheap tarts”, she added. “You take that back you fat bitch”, Posh Spice said incensed. “No make me”, Jordan replied. “I’ll sue you for every penny you fat bitch if you dare to repeat that to the press”, Posh Spice said. “Sue me big deal, make catty remarks in magazine articles, just typical of you”, Jordan replied. “How about make me do it right now”, she added advancing on Victoria Beckham.

“I wouldn’t soil my hands”, Posh Spice said. “No?”, Jordan asked still walking across the ring towards Victoria Beckham. “No”, Posh Spice replied looking nervously left and right. “Not scared of me, are you, little Miss prissy?”, Jordan asked. “Don’t make me laugh”, Posh Spice replied starting to back away. “I want you to make me sorry, … make me take it back”, Jordan said closing the distance between herself and Victoria Beckham. “Don’t come near me, ….. I’m not afraid of you”, Posh Spice replied. “Why you retreating them?”, Jordan asked. “Keep away from me”, Posh Spice warned, as she backed into the ropes and could go no further. “Why what you going to do set your lawyer on me?”, Jordan asked. “This is between you and me, here and now”, Jordan added as she stopped in front of Victoria Beckham. What do you want?”, Posh Spice asked her face paling slightly. “I told you I want you to make me sorry, take it back”, Jordan replied. “Its time we had it out once and for all, .. time I put you in your place”, Jordan added. “You wouldn’t dare”, Posh Spice said. “Wouldn’t I …….. wouldn’t I”, sneered Jordan.

David Beckham had been watching his wife Victoria since she arrived in the studio. He was enjoying her banter and argument with Jordan. It looked like it was coming to a head with both of them in the ring exchanging insults and David slowly made his way to the front row of seats in the darkness. He unlike his wife Victoria knew what was coming next when their cat fight erupted. That was the whole point of his cunning plan with Max to get Victoria and Jordan to fight each other. Not only did he want to see them fight he wanted to see them fight in public. Well in front of his specially invited audience at least, that would be public enough. He could feel them quietly filling in behind him. Max was ready to raise the lights and roll the cameras, the moment Victoria and Jordan came to blows. It wouldn’t be truly public, broadcast to the nation, yet almost as good, with the audience and himself plus the video footage witnessing the event.

“Don’t you dare touch me”, Posh Spice warned, dropping her pom-poms and holding up her hands in front of her. “What’s up you scared now its come to a fight?”, Jordan asked. “You lay a hand on me and it will be the end for you”, Posh Spice warned. “The end of your career, the end of your celebrity status, the end of your big bank balance, the end of everything”, Posh Spice added. “How will you do that?”, Jordan asked bemused. “By suing you and having you drummed out of equity and off the celebrity circuit”, Posh Spice replied. “You’ll do all that?”, Jordan asked. “Yes and more if you dare to lay a finger on me”, Posh Spice replied. “Well so be it”, Jordan said lunging at Posh Spice. “It’s a price worth paying to shut you up once and for all”, she added.

Jordan grabbed hold of Posh Spice’s hands and they started to wrestle. The moment their hands touched, lights over the audience blazed into life and all cameras rolled, up to then only one camera had been filming their meeting and argument. Now four cameras would catch from every angle with special close ups. Both women jumped in shock as the lights came on and they saw people sitting in the seats that had been cloaked in darkness. “Oh my god no, … there are people watching”, Posh Spice said in horror as she saw the audience. “So there is”, Jordan said a little awed by the fact. “But never mind now you won’t be able to deny I wiped the floor with you”, Jordan added continuing to attack Victoria Beckham.

Jordan grabbed Posh Spice’s hands and dragged her away from the ropes. She spun Posh Spice round and sent her flying into the opposite ropes. Posh Spice wailed as she shot across the ring into the opposite ropes. Her little red skirt lifted high as she flew across the ring giving the crowd a good glimpse at her white tight fitting silk panties. Posh Spice hit them, she half fell on the ropes, nearly topping right over, but she wasn’t heavy enough, or moving fast enough, to overcome the strength of the ring ropes and was rebounded off the ropes back into the ring. However as she tipped over the ropes the back of her short red skirt flipped right up displacing her tight fitting white silk panties. They clung to Posh Spice’s buttocks like a second skin moulding to every contour. The were many excited gasps from the audience, a particularly loud one from her husband David Beckham, who had wanted to see her in a cat fight with Jordan.

Jordan turned round and moved into the centre of the ring and waited. When Posh spice was hurled toward her by the rebounding ropes, she stood side on waiting. Jordan caught hold of Posh Spice stopping her dead. Jordan pressed her thigh into Posh Spice’s hips and thigh tossed her to the ring. Posh Spice couldn’t help herself she was flipped head over heals, over Jordan’s thigh down onto the ring surface. Victoria Beckham’s inertia made sure she went flipping right over, despite her desperate attempts to save herself. As she was flipped head over heals her short red skirt dropped right down, completely exposing her tight white silk panties to everyone watching. Victoria Beckham came down hard on her bum jarring her spine. She sat dazed and in pain, legs spread wide the crotch of her white silk panties exposed by he flipped back red skirt. “Not doing very well are you”, Jordan sneered from behind Victoria Beckham. “Even worst at fighting that arguing”, Jordan added.

This was turning out even better than David Beckham had hoped. They had just started wrestling and all ready Jordan was throwing Victoria all round the ring exposing her white silk panties as her short red dress flew up. David had wanted to see Victoria fight Jordan for a long while since their bitter feud had first erupted. He had imagined and visualised Jordan beating and humiliating his wife, and now it looked like that’s exactly what was going to happen. He felt a tingling of growing excitement in his groin as Victoria was flipped over Jordan’s thigh and dropped heavily on her bum. Her panties were complete exposed as she flipped head over heels. He wasn’t normally turned on by the sight of Victoria’s white silk panties. However having them exposed by Jordan and publicly in front of many people did turn him on.

“Get up and fight you stuck up cow”, Jordan barked as Posh Spice sat legs wide trying to recover from her heavy drop to the ring. “Oh leave me alone you mad bitch”, Posh Spice replied. “Not way when I’ve got a chance to scragg you in public”, Jordan said grabbing hold of Posh Spice’s head from behind and pulling her down to the ring. “Ohhh god no not again”, Posh Spice gasped in horror as she was grabbed form behind. Jordan pulled Posh Spice’s upper body down to the ring. “I’m going to make you pay for all the nasty, cruel, things you’ve said about me”, Jordan said as Posh Spice struggled to get free. Jordan had her hands on Posh Spice'’ shoulders holding them down on the ring. Posh Spice struggled furiously trying to get up.

Posh Spice kicked her kegs in frustration as she battled to get up and was held down by Jordan. Her short skirt flapped about wildly, exposing her tight white silk panties. Two cameras zoomed right into her crotch for a close up, recording detailed close images of her tightly stretched while silk panties. These images were included on the video for David Beckham to enjoy over and over again. They showed the thin material stretched tight by Posh Spice’s frantic leg movements, the seams at the gusset struggling under the strain. “Go on, you little cow, kick some more like a little spilt schoolgirl”, Jordan said. “The audience is getting great glimpses of your silly white panties”, she added. “Oh my god, no”, Posh Spice wailed aghast, instantly stopping kicking and closing her legs.

“I said get off me you bitch”, Posh Spice said angrily grabbing hold of Jordan’s hair. Her anger had boiled over at the thought of all the people watching seeing her panties. She dragged Jordan down to the ring clawing at Jordan’s hair with her nails. Jordan was forced to let got of Victoria Beckham’s shoulders to get Victoria Beckham’s hands out of her hair. The moment Jordan let go of Posh Spice’s shoulders, Posh Spice rolled her onto her side by her hair. “Ohh, shit”, Jordan moaned as Posh Spice continued to claw at her hair. “Didn’t think you were going to get it all your way did you”, Posh Spice sneered. “I knew you were a vindictive bitch, but not just how big a one”, Jordan stated, as she pulled Posh Spice’s hands off her hair. “Make hay while the sun shines”, Jordan added as she locked hands with Posh Spice and they grappled hard, rolling left, then right, trying to get each other down.

The audience cheered enthusiastically really enjoying the celebrity catfight. They loved seeing Jordan dominate Victoria Beckham and make her show her white silk panties. They were thrilled that her husband David Beckham was watching and had invited them all to the show. The fact that he was enjoying seeing his wife Victoria being beaten by Jordan, and having them there was making it even more exciting for him, just added to the over all sense of excitement. They were almost on the edge of their seats when Victoria Beckham started to fight back. They watched enthralled, as Jordan and Victoria Beckham grappled rolling over one way, then the other. David Beckham smiled as Victoria fought back and he wondered if she would be good enough to beat Jordan, or maybe hold her own at least. Definitely not the former and probably not the later either.

After they rolled left, then right a few times, Jordan landed up on top and managed to stay there, pinning Posh Spice’s shoulders. “OK, …. miss prissy, .. you had your chance and blew it”, Jordan said as she sat on top of Posh Spice. “You had better not have damaged my hair you little bitch”, Jordan added feeling her hair. “I’d rip every last one out if I had the chance”, Posh Spice replied angrily struggling underneath Jordan. “Don’t worry woman you won’t get the chance”, Jordan said. “But thanks for reminding me I owe you”, she added. Using her right hand Jordan slapped Posh Spice hard round the face making her gasp loudly in

The crack of Jordan’s first slap reverberated round the ring, the shocked look of Posh Spice’s face was a picture. Pained and angry Posh Spice made a grab for Jordan’s hair again and was subdued with a second hard slap to her face. “Leave my hair alone”, Jordan snapped as she slapped Posh Spice’s face hard. “Or I’ll pull your hair out”. Jordan warned grabbing hold of Victoria Beckham’s red bandanna intending to pull it off. “No… no”, Posh Spice screamed and gabbed hold of he red bandanna hanging onto to it for dear life. “I’m going to have that bandanna off come hell or high water you stuck up little cow”, Jordan said tugging harder on Posh Spice’s red bandanna. She tugged hard, but Posh Spice was having none of it, resisting al effort to pull it off, even another hard slap in the face. Jordan was at a loss for a moment unsure how to break the impasse, then a smile crossed her face.

Jordan had stopped yanking on Posh Spice’s red bandanna, and sat on her chest staring down at Posh Spice. Posh Spice still clung to her red bandanna and showed no sings of relinquishing it easily. Jordan moved her hand towards Posh Spice’s red bandanna teasing then eased back until she was sat astride Posh Spice’s waist. Posh Spice stared at Jordan in confusion wondering why Jordan had moved back were she couldn’t reach her red bandanna. Then it dawned on her at the last second what Jordan was up to far too late as it turned out. Jordan grabbed the front of Posh Spice’s blue and white V- neck top. “What are you doing?”, Posh Spice asked in horror as Jordan grabbed the front of her top. “Something even better that pulling your hair”, Jordan replied her hand settling on the V-neck opening of Posh Spice’s top. Jordan yanked hard with both hands, pulling the front of Posh Spice’s top out really stretching the material.

“Ohh, god, no, stop”, Posh Spice shouted. “You’ll, tear it”, she added hastily. “I’ll do more than that bitch”, Jordan replied. “I’m going to rip it right open”, she added. “Noooo”, Posh Spice screamed loudly. “Yes”, Jordan said she had the front of Posh Spice’s top stretched out tight. Jordan pulled her hands apart ripping the front of Posh Spice’s top open. The sound of ripping material filled the ring as Jordan tore the front of Posh Spice’s top open down to her navel. Posh Spice gasped in horror as her top was torn open exposing her white bra to the cheering, leering, audience. She kicked her legs and twisted in frustration still held down with Jordan astride her waist. Posh Spice’s violent movement flipped he short red skirt up giving the audience more views of her white nylon panties. They could now see Posh Spice’s white bra and white silk panties as she lay struggling under Jordan.

David Beckham smiled as Jordan got on top of his wife Victoria and easily managed to stay there. He particularly liked seeing Jordan, trying to rip Victoria’s red bandanna off. He was as bemused as his wife, when Jordan eased back to sit of Victoria’s waist. However when Jordan grabbed the front of Victoria’s top and ripped it open, he couldn’t have been more pleased. He could now see her bra and white silk panties, and better still so could the audience. He was unsure about the audience but now was very glad he decided to have one, and was having regrets he didn’t have it televised. But he doubted that it would have made the screens, not in the UK. However he knew he was getting everything on video.

“You won’t be able to live this one down very quickly you stuck up cow”, Jordan said as she stared down at Posh Spice. “They can see you bra and your panties now, and they’re going to see a lot more as well”, Jordan added. “Oh you cheap stupid tramp get off me”, Posh Spice said angrily trying to pull the torn halves of her top together. “Don’t bother I’m going to have it right off your back next”, Jordan said as she watched Posh Spice struggling with her torn top. “I’m going to rip all you hair out for that you bitch”, Posh Spice spat she reached up and as grabbed hold Jordan’s hair. Posh Spice yanked hard on Jordan’s hair trying to pull lumps of it out. “Ahh let go of my hair you cow”, Jordan yelled as Posh Spice yanked it hard. “No I’m going to scalp you cheap whore”, Posh Spice replied yanking even harder. “I said let got bitch”, Jordan shouted slapping Posh Spice hard round the face.

Posh Spice yelped as Jordan’s hard slap connected with her cheek but she refused to let go of Jordan’s hair. Two more stinging slap failed to persuade her. Finally Jordan punched Posh Spice on the jaw to make her let go of her hair. “Right you stuck up cow that sealed your fate”, Jordan said incensed as she sat of Posh Spice as Posh Spice rubbed her chin. Jordan had intended to humiliate Posh Spice a little bit as there were so many people watching, to get her own back. But now she was going to totally degrade Victoria Beckham, make Victoria Beckham sorry she ever met her. I’m going to strip the stuck up cow naked, Jordan thought to herself as she slipped off Victoria Beckham’s waist, and punched Victoria Beckham hard in the belly.

Posh Spice was still nursing her aching chin and didn’t notice Jordan get off her. She let out strangled gasp as pain exploded in her belly. Posh Spice’s hands dropped to her aching belly, as she groaned loudly trying to recover from the gut punch. “Maybe that and this will keep you big mouth shut”, Jordan said punching Posh Spice between the legs. Posh Spice stopped dead her face paling as she was punched between the legs. Posh Spice rolled over clutching her crotch with both hands and lay face down, moaning in pain. “I said I was going to rip that top of and now I am”, Jordan said triumphantly reach for Posh Spice’s top.

Jordan grabbed the back of Posh Spice’s top and pulled it hard, ripping right off her back. Posh Spice screamed in horror as Jordan ripped her top right off. Jordan held Victoria Beckham’s ripped white and blue top above her head like a trophy before throwing it out of the ring. Jordan had stripped Victoria Beckham to the waist completely exposing her white bra. She rolled Posh Spice over onto her back so all the audience could see her exposed white bra. Posh Spice tried to resist but could stop herself being rolled over. Her hands went straight to her breasts, to cover her exposed white bra, but not before the audience and the cameras had got some good views of her breasts jiggling her white bra. “Let them see you tits that’s’ why I ripped your top off”, Jordan barked. “Don’t be stupid you crazy bitch”, Posh Spice replied hands clasped tightly over her breasts. “I said move your hands”, Jordan snapped slapping Posh Spice hard round the face. Posh Spice gasped loudly but wouldn’t move her hands.

Sweat beaded on David Beckham’s brow as she watched his wife Victoria lay under Jordan with her top ripped open exposing her bra. He smiled as Victoria grabbed hold of Jordan’s hair in temper trying to rip it out. Jordan responded with face slaps and a punch to the belly that left his wife Victoria gasping in pain. This was certainly turning out to be a vicious cat fighter with no holds barred, much more than he’d hoped for. He gasped along with many others in the audience as Jordan punched his wife Victoria between the legs. A satisfied grin appeared on David’s face as Jordan ripped Victoria’s top right off. He let out and excited sigh as Jordan rolled Victoria onto her back giving them a quick glimpse of her white bra before she covered it with her hands.

“Move your hands now”, Jordan said loudly slapping Posh Spice again. Posh Spice still stubbornly refused to move her hand and expose her bra and breasts. “OK maybe this will help you change your mind you conniving cow”, Jordan said punching Posh Spice in the belly. Her fist slammed in to the centre of Posh Spice’s belly just below the naked flesh of her exposed navel. Posh Spice gasped painfully and her hands went to easy the pain in he belly and try to protect it from another punch. There were many satisfied sighs as Posh Spice was forced to expose her bra and breasts. Jordan grabbed Victoria Beckham’s red bandanna and ripped it off her head as she lay moaning clutching her belly.

“How about I pull your hair out now “, Jordan said grabbing hold of Victoria Beckham’s hair. Jordan yanked hard on Victoria Beckham’s hair making her scream. “Ohhhhhh my hair you crazy bitch let go”, Posh Spice screamed. “No, not till I’ve pulled it all out”, Jordan replied yanking even harder. “Then I’ll rip your hair out”, Posh Spice said grabbing hold of Jordan hair. They tore viciously at each others hair screaming and cursing. They rolled around the ring over and over, ripping out lumps of each others hair. “Let go of my hair you stupid stuck up bitch”, Jordan shouted. “No you let go of mine first, you trollop”, Posh Spice replied. “No let go of mine now”, Jordan said angrily bring her knee up between Victoria Beckham’s legs. Posh Spice gasped in agony as Jordan kneed her on the crotch, pain exploded in her groin and she let go of Jordan’s hair to cup her groin and try and easy the burning pain. “You deserved that you stupid cow”, Jordan said as Posh Spice doubled up clutching her groin.

“Oh look at the lumps of hair you’ve pulled out”, Jordan said in horror the ring was littered with tufts of blonde and black hair, the aftermath of the vicious hair pulling battle. “By god you’re going to pay”, Jordan added rolling Victoria Beckham onto her belly. Posh Spice was still in too much pain from the knee in the groin to resist. Jordan grabbed the hem of Victoria Beckham’s short red skirt and ripped a tear in it right up to the waistband. The ring and the whole studio was filled with one sound ripping cloth, the whole audience was dead quiet, watching with baited breath as Jordan tore open the back of Posh Spice’s skirt. She held the torn halves of Victoria Beckham’s red skirt apart exposing the rear Victoria Beckham’s white silk panties. The tight white silk was moulded to Victoria Beckham’s buttocks like a second skin showing every contour, leaving little or nothing to the imagination

Jordan tried to finish the job but she couldn’t split the waistband of Victoria Beckham’s red skirt. Jordan grabbed the waistband with both hands and pulled as hard as she could, there was an even louder sound of tearing cloth as the waistband ripped in half under the strain. Jordan pulled the torn remnants of Victoria Beckham’s red skirt away stripping Victoria Beckham to her white bra white silk panties. Victoria Beckham screamed in abject horror as she was stripped to her underwear, by Jordan, and in front of lots of people. Jordan had completely humiliated her, and the cat fight wasn’t over yet. Jordan threw Victoria Beckham’s torn read skirt out of the ring to cheer and applause from the audience. “I told you I’d make you pay, you stuck up cow”, Jordan said getting up and standing over Posh Spice. “But don’t think its over yet, because I’m not finished with you not by a long way”, Jordan added as Posh Spice stared up at her in fright, trying to cover herself up and best as possible.

David Beckham stared in delight as Jordan and his wife Victoria rolled about tearing each other’s hair out. He gasped along with others in the audience when Jordan kneed his wife Victoria in the groin. He felt a pang of sympathy for Victoria his wife as she doubled up in pain but the catfight was getting to exciting to stop now, besides this was the sort of thing he was hoping for when he conspired to get Victoria and Jordan to fight.

David Beckham watched in amazement as Jordan ripped the back of his Wife Victoria skirt open exposing her the back of white silk panties. The whole studio went deathly quiet as everyone sat transfixed, wandering what was going to happen next, When Jordan ripped Posh Spice’s red skirt right off and threw it out of the ring, the audience erupted into cheers and applause. Seeing his wife Victoria stripped to her underwear in front of all these people was very exciting and David Beckham’s cock got hard in his trousers. He was sure he was not the only red blooded male in the audience like that, not when watching such a vicious but exciting cat fight. The audience noise and excitement calmed down as they watched and waited for the next instalment as of the exciting cat fight, as Jordan stood over her cowering opponent, who was now just in her bra and white silk panties.

“Its too late for that now, they’ve seen it all”, Jordan said disdainfully as Posh Spice still tried to cover herself with her hands. “There going to see a lot more as well, ……. everything in fact”, she added with a wicked grin. Posh Spice shook her head in horror and disbelief her eyes imploring Jordan to stop and go no further. “Don’t even bother begging me to stop because I won’t”, Jordan said reading Posh Spice’s thoughts. “You’ve earned this public humiliation, .. and your going to get every last bit”, she added. Posh Spice shook her head again. “Yes, I’m going to strip you naked bitch, every last stitch”, Jordan said smiling broadly. “Make you pay for being such and insufferable, stuck up, arrogant, cow”, Jordan added. Posh Spice shook her head repeatedly her eyes brimming with tears of humiliation and hopelessness.

David Beckham’s heart missed a beat when her heard Jordan tell his wife Victoria she was going to strip her naked. Did she really mean it, would she really do it? These thoughts raced through David Beckham’s head as he waited in silent anticipation along with all the other excited people in the audience. He knew it would cost him a lot of money to keep all the people watching quiet about this, but he also knew it would be worth every penny to see his wife Victoria completely humiliated. The video would allow him to watch it again and again from several different angles. But nothing would match sitting at ringside in the company of others, watching it in the flesh. The video would help him recall the marvellous event if not fully recreate it.

“OK get up, ….. lets get this over with”, Jordan ordered, Posh Spice didn’t move she stayed on her knees staring up Jordan in terror. “I said get up”, Jordan snapped grabbing Posh Spice by her hair and dragging her to her feet. Posh Spice screamed as she was yanked to her feet, by her hair. “Let go , … let go”, she wailed, hands flailing. “Stand still while I strip you”, Jordan shouted. “Never, ……. I’ll kill you,… you wicked bitch”, Posh Spice bellowed. She tried to grab Jordan with her hands nails ready the scratch and tear skin. Jordan fended Posh Spice off with a couple of slaps to the face that stopped her dead. “OK lets start with that bra, time to see your so called non-existent boob job”, Jordan said reaching for Posh Spice’s white bra. “No … no”, Posh Spice said grabbing Jordan’s hands and grappling with her.

Their grappling didn’t last long. Jordan was much better than Posh Spice and Posh Spice was now scared of Jordan. Jordan toyed with Posh Spice but Posh Spice realised she wasn’t going to be able to beat or resist Jordan so she tried to pull away in the hope of escaping out of the ring. Jordan was having none of it and held tightly onto Posh Spice’s hands. Posh Spice tugged and tugged desperately, but couldn’t free her hands. Bored and eager to get on with Posh Spice’s humiliation, Jordan brought her knee up between Posh Spice’s legs. Posh Spice went pale and doubled up dropping to the ring, and lay there clutching her aching groin. “Yes, now you’re a Turkey ripe for plucking”, Jordan said dropping down beside Posh Spice. She grabbed hold of Posh Spice’s right bra strap with her right hand.

“This is coming off right now”, Jordan said pulling hard on Posh Spice’s bra strap. The elastic material gave easy at first as Jordan pulled on it stretching it out form Posh Spice’s body. But as Jordan stretched it further the elastic struggled to expand any further. There were soft ripping sounds as the stitching started to rip where the strap was sewn to the bra cup. “Here it goes you stuck up cow”, Jordan said gleefully as Posh Spice’s bra stared to rip. “No, please, stop, ….. please”, Posh Spice implored, hands desperately scrabbling for her tightly stretched bra strap. Jordan deliberately waited until Posh Spice’s fingertips were just about to touch her strained bra strap, before giving it a very hard tug. Posh Spice’s bra strap came apart from her bra cup with loud ripping sound. He bra was yanked off and flew across the ring leaving her breasts completely exposed.

“Noooooooooooooooo”, Posh Spice screamed in horror as her bra was ripped off exposing her naked breasts. “Now they can see your little tits bitch”, Jordan said smiling broadly. “God their very small even after your expensive boob job”, Jordan sneered. “Oh god, you evil bitch” Posh Spice gasped hands covering her naked breasts. “Move your hands now”, Jordan demanded. “I want the audience to see your silly little tits”, Jordan added. “No, ….. never”, Posh Spice replied, refusing to move her hands. “You will, or I’ll make you sorry”, Jordan warned. Posh Spice shook her head and refused to move her hands. “Move them”, Jordan snapped, slapping Posh Spice’s face hard. Posh Spice gasped in shock as the stinging slap connected with her face but still refused to move her hands.

David Beckham was hot and sweaty with excitement as he watched his wife Victoria fighting Jordan and losing. Jordan was easily dominating Victoria Beckham and had stripped her to her bra and panties. David Beckham was delighted and excited at seeing his wife beaten and stripped to her underwear by Jordan. The Jordan threatened to strip his wife Victoria naked starting with her bra. A shiver of anticipation and excitement ran down David Beckham’s spine as he contemplated the notion of seeing Jordan strip his wife Victoria completely naked in front of all the people in the audience he’d invited. He sat waiting his heart beating rapidly, as his wife Victoria fought desperately to stop her bra being ripped off. He could see she was losing and would lose to Jordan who was getting more aggressive and angry. It was only a matter of time he thought in delighted excitement.

“When I tell you to do something you had better do it”, Jordan said driving her right fist hard into Posh Spice’s belly. The punch was brutal hard and doubled Posh Spice over completely winding her. She dropped to the ring hands clasping her aching belly all thought of covering her naked breasts forgotten, as she lay gasping for breath like a landed fish. David Beckham, the audience and the cameras could all see Posh Spice’s completely exposed naked breasts. “You brought that on yourself and this”, Jordan said as Posh Spice lay doubled up in pain on the ring. Jordan grabbed hold of Posh Spices naked breasts and squeezed them hard with her fingers. “This should teach you to be more obedient in the future”, Jordan said as she continued to abuse Posh Spice’s breasts. Posh Spice flinched and twisted in pain as Jordan abused her breasts, but she was still too winded to shout or scream.

David Beckham was not expecting the vicious knee to His wife Victoria crotch that ended her resistance and allowed Jordan to rip her bra off. He did enjoy it though and seeing Jordan rip Victoria’s bra off. He’d seen his wife’s naked breast many times but seeing her forcibly stripped by another woman and one she hated was a new exciting thrill. The fact that they were also displayed to the audience only added to Victoria’s discomfort and humiliation and his delight and excitement. He knew the audience wouldn’t be happy that Victoria was covering her naked breasts, what he wasn’t expecting was Jordan’s abject anger. He watched her slap his wife Victoria hard, the stinging slaps reverberating round the studio as she knelt hands on breasts in just her full fit white silk panties. The belly punch that floored his wife and left her breasts exposed was particularly brutal and exciting.

David Beckham having just witnessed his wife laid out in the ring and stripped off her bra, expected her full fit white silk panties to follow the same fate quite quickly. However it seemed Jordan had other ideas, enraged by his wife Victoria’s defiance. David was already highly excited, watching the brutal catfight unfold. When he saw Jordan grab his wife Victoria’s breasts and start to punish them he nearly lost control it was that shocking and that exciting. Other members of the audience were gasping and shifting in their seats, as they watched Jordan attack Posh Spice’s naked defenceless breasts. He knew Victoria’s breasts were small even after her operation to lift and enhance them, but the looked even smaller now in Jordan’s hands and compared to her much larger breasts, giggling in her sexy tight bra and she attacked Posh Spice.

“Ohhhh, stop, …… please stop”, Posh Spice screamed finding her voice at last as Jordan tortured her breasts. “Oh no, you stuck up cow I’m going to give you a thorough and humiliating lesson you won’t forget”, Jordan replied squeezing Posh Spice’s breasts as hard as she could. Victoria Beckham continued to scream, thrashing wildly underneath Jordan, who ignored her and continued to abuse Posh Spice’s breasts. “This is the only boob job you deserve”, Jordan added mercilessly clawing Posh Spice’s breasts. Tears ran down Victoria Beckham’s face and her body was bathed in sweat from the painful tit mauling she was having to endure. “OK little Miss Prissy two shoes”, that’s fucked you boob job”, Jordan sneered her hands poised above Posh Spice’s naked breasts. “Now a for a little nipple pinching”, Jordan added. “No more please, …… please”, Posh Spice pleaded breathlessly, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her breasts aching fiercely from Jordan’s brutal mauling.

“As if bitch, ……. as if”, Jordan said shaking her head in disgust. She took hold of Posh Spice’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger of each hand and stared to squeeze. Jordan quickly had Posh Spice screaming and writhing helplessly as she pinched and twisted Posh Spice’s nipples. “I feel like ripping these of you haughty cow”, Jordan said her face a mask of hate as she twisted Posh Spice’s nipples right round making her scream even louder. “Yes scream bitch, scream as much as you like, but I’m not finished with you yet”, Jordan said cruelly pinching Posh Spice’s nipples with her finger nails. Victoria Beckham thrashed about in agony sweat pouring off her badly abused body. Her white silk panties were now drenched with her sweat making them look even tighter and even thinner if that was possible. She kicked her legs widely stretching the soaking wet thin silk almost to the breaking point.

David Beckham watched Jordan abuse his wife Victoria’s breasts making her scream for mercy. His heart was thumping in his chest and he sat on the edge of his seat, he watched Jordan torturing his helpless his wife Victoria’s breasts. He saw tears run down his wife Victoria’s face as she pleaded for mercy, she was totally humiliated, totally defeated. He watched enthralled as his wife Victoria thrashed and writhed in agony sweat pouring off her body. It had soaked her white silk panties making them look even thinner and tighter. They were stretched over her buttocks and crotch, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her wildly kicking legs stretched the wet silk until he was sure they were going to rip apart. The cameras and every eye in the studio were now concentrating of his wife Victoria’s soaking wet, tight, white, silk panties. This was so delightful so exciting David Beckham thought his mouth dray and his pulse racing.

“OK that’s taught you who is in charge and not to mess with me”, Jordan said releasing Posh Spices’ nipples. “That’s certainly sorted your silly boob job as well”, she added. Posh Spice sobbed loudly her face red with tears as her hands tried to comfort her sore aching breasts. “Now for the finale and to punish and humiliate you properly”, Jordan said. Jordan slipped off Posh Spice and grabbed her panties yanking them down to her knees. Posh Spice screamed in horror as Jordan pulled her panties down to her knees completely exposing her naked sex to the cameras and the audience. Posh Spice clamped her hands to her crotch and rolled over, tears of humiliation streaming down her face. Jordan pulled Posh Spice’s panties right off and waved the above her head to the delight of the audience and particularly her husband David Beckham.

“God what do you wear these things for, the hideous”, Jordan said as she waved Posh Spice’s full fit white silk panties over her head. “David must think he’s gone to bed with his granny when he sees these”, Jordan added. “Please leave me alone”, Posh Spice sobbed still lying face down the hide her embarrassment. “No, turn over so everyone can see you beaten naked body properly”, Jordan replied. “No never, ….. not like this”, Posh Spice said horrified. “You’ll do it and do it now”, Jordan snapped. “I won’t”, Posh Spice replied weakly. “You will or I’ll put your granny knickers to good use”, Jordan warned. “No I’m not exposing myself to all these people watching”, Posh Spice said between sobs. “You will, you stuck little cow”, Jordan said lashing Victoria Beckham’s naked buttock with her wet silk panties.

David Beckham couldn’t believe it, Jordan had stripped his wife Victoria naked and waved her panties over her head. The camera the rest of the audience and himself and see his wife Victoria’s naked body before she covered herself with her hands and rolled over. She stopped anyone seeing her breasts and sex but at the cost of exposing her lovely tight, little, bum to the cameras and the audience. David Beckham, delighted and highly aroused, he’d seen his wife naked before that wasn’t the novelty, witnessing it with lots of other people, that was best bit. This was even more than he’d hoped for when he arranged this little event, he was sure he’d se his wife Victoria humiliated but never so utterly and completely. He was sorry that Jordan hadn’t exposed his wife naked body more so the camera and audience could have got a longer and more satisfying look at it. But as it turned out Jordan wasn’t finished yet.

Posh Spice yelped loudly as Jordan lashed her buttocks with her wet white silk panties. “Turn over”, Jordan ordered lashing Victoria Beckham’s bum again. “Ohh no, …. stop, stop”, Posh Spice screamed as Jordan lashed her again. “No, not till you turn over you evil little cow”, Jordan replied delivering another lash to Victoria Beckham naked buttocks. Two more followed bringing louder screams from Posh Spice. “Well will you turn over?”, Jordan asked ready to land another blow to Victoria Beckham’s naked buttocks. “I can’t, ……. I can’t”, Posh Spice sobbed weakly. “You can and will”, Jordan said landing two more stinging lashes to Victoria Beckham’s buttocks. “Oh god,….. not more, …. no more”, Posh Spice screamed rolling over. “That’s better”, Jordan said. “Now on your knees and move your hands bitch”, Jordan added. “No, please, ….. please”, Posh Spice begged. “Do it”, Jordan snapped angrily grabbing hold of Victoria Beckham’s hair and readying her white silk panties to strike her again.

Tears of shame poured down Victoria Beckham’s face as she moved her hands, exposing her naked breasts and sex to the cameras and audience. “Much better and leave them there so they can get a proper look at a losing stuck up, conniving bitch like you”, Jordan said triumphantly. I’m only sorry your husband David isn’t hear to witness it”, Jordan added. Little did she know he was there enjoying every delightful second of his wife Victoria’s humiliation. “You don’t need these now”, Jordan said throwing Posh Spice’s white silk panties out of the ring. “Personally, I wouldn’t wear such a boring old pair of knickers again if I were you”, Jordan added. “Take a tip dearie, this is what you should be wearing”, Jordan said standing up and pointing at her own sexy blue knickers. “While you still have that gorgeous husband of yours”, she added turning and climbing out of the ring. She strode off sauntering towards the dressing room leaving Posh Spice naked weeping, utterly defeated and completely humiliated in the ring.

David Beckham couldn’t believe this he watched Jordan beat his wife and humiliate, stripping her naked. It was certainly a red-letter day, much more than he’d ever dreamed would happen when he arranged their impromptu catfight. The final straw for his wife Victoria and the crowning glory for him was when Jordan spanked Victoria’s naked buttocks with her own white silk panties to make her expose her naked body for the cameras and the audience. It was the final act of humiliation and the completion of her total dominance of his wife Victoria. David Beckham had never really liked his wife Victoria’s full fit white silk panties, thinking them old fashion and not very exciting. However he would regard them in a better light after tonight. Particularly when he watched the DVD again and again.

By Friar Battle-annals Copyright 2010

This a the start of a longer female celebrity fight story it has several colour illustrations by the artist JG

Full version available from featuring a fight with Naomi Campbell