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cover of the newbies tale part 1 by pitbull


Extract from the Newbies tale part 1 a female v female illustrated wrestling storybook by pitbull available from battle annals. http://www.battle-annals.co.uk/pit-bull-stories-page/

 A Newbie’s Tale Part 1


Paula settled the head phones of her Walkman more comfortably on her ears, glanced around the crowded platform and nudged the volume up a notch. “How apt,” she thought as “I don’t like Mondays “pumped into her ears. The journey into central London everyday was a drag, packed trains, if they weren’t on strike, full of office workers mostly men in suits vying for elbow room to read their broad sheet newspapers. She read the headlines, the usual mix of doom and gloom, the “winter of discontent” had given way to a “spring of unhappiness” followed it seems by a “summer of deep depression”.

The banner headlines screamed, unemployment now at an all-time high, petrol up to 79 pence a gallon, inflation at 17% and newly elected Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher pledging union reforms as British Leyland workers voted to go on strike again. The back page headlines had more cheerful news, especially if you were a supporter of the underdog, as West Ham had caused a major upset beating Arsenal in the Cup final. Still it all meant very little to Paula eighteen years old fresh out of school and straight into a job, admittedly not the best paid but a job all the same, as a receptionist for one of London’s smaller but expensive hotels, she was more concerned with important things like “Who will be number one in the charts this week?” and “Will I have enough money left after giving mum her housekeeping to buy a new pair of jeans?”

The crowd on the platform edged forward, the train was finally coming. Paula readied herself for the unseemly rush to grab the few empty seats, as the train glided to a halt a man in front of her was first to move, “what a Muppet” she thought as he grabbed the door and pulled it open blocking his own way onto the train. She grinned, bumping one man with her heavy shoulder bag, full of all the things she would need to survive the day, and judiciously planting a three inch heel on the toes of another she was first aboard and dropped into the only vacant seat in the crowded compartment. Paula settled back into her seat and the Boomtown Rats gave way to a medley of songs by Blondie as the train rattled through Barnes, Putney and Wandsworth before coming to a final stop at Waterloo.

Once the train had come to halt she waited letting the other lemmings rush to queue at the ticket barrier where the elderly ticket inspector would carefully scrutinise every ticket, “More than my job’s worth,” he would say if anyone dared tried to hurry him up. Taking her time she stood up straightened her skirt checked her reflection in the mirror above the seat before strolling towards the exit gate her heels clicking rhythmically on the concrete. Pausing briefly to turn over the cassette in her Walkman, whilst watching the ticket collector and counting slowly to ten in her head, “There

he goes, regular as clockwork! If he ever retires I will have to start buying a ticket,” she said to herself as the old boy stepped away from the barrier and out of sight behind his little box. Grinning as a plume of cigarette smoke drifted from behind the box, she darted quickly through the gate and made her way to the station exit for the short walk across Waterloo Bridge to the Hotel. Crossing

the Strand she was greeted to the morning ritual of wolf whistles and lewd comments from the builders renovating a shop on the corner of Southampton Street she stuck her tongue out at them and carried on past turning down a narrow side street lined with old Georgian houses. On the left side of the street the houses had been converted into offices brass plates on the railings discreetly announcing accountants, doctors, solicitors and a slightly more extravagant sign advertising a photographic studio. The right hand side houses had been converted into the Wessex Hotel after being hit by a stray bomb during the blitz, the Georgian facades disguising a more modern structure. Walking past two of the false doors Paula went up the steps and into the main reception area. Two staircases leading to the rooms on the upper floors flanked the reception desk and large double doors to the left, stood open leading to the bar and dining room where the last breakfasts of the day were being served. On the right a matching but closed pair of heavy oak doors lead to the two large function rooms reserved for weddings, regimental reunions and such like.

Behind the desk her immediate boss Daniel, never Dan or Danny, looked at his watch raised an eyebrow and flicked an imaginary speck of dust from the cuff of his immaculate jacket. “Cutting it fine Miss Wilcox and need to remind you that members of staff are required to use the rear entrance.”

If I walked all the way around to the back I’d be late wouldn’t I? “ She replied resisting a sudden urge to slap him as she stepped behind the desk. Half listening as Daniel filled her in on the comings and goings she settled herself in for another morning of answering the phones and advising visitors on which trains and busses took them to the various tourist destinations. The day dragged by the boredom punctuated briefly by the arrival of motor cycle courier with a parcel for the hotel owner Mr Wessex. “Ooh nice,” she said to herself as the courier removed his crash helmet and strolled towards the desk, long dark hair, leather jacket, tight, slightly oil stained, Levi’s and heavy motorcycle boots everything that prim and proper Daniel wasn’t. “Package for a Mr Wessex,” he said dropping a small box on the desk top.

I’ll take it,” she said a little too eagerly as Daniel slid stealthily to the other end of the desk for fear of being contaminated by the oil stained biker. “Sign here luv,” the biker pushed a receipt book onto the desk and treated Paula to a slightly crooked grin. “Don’t blush don’t blush!” she thought as she reached out for the book, “ugh! Too late!” She felt her cheeks reddening. Scratching her name onto the grubby page she handed back the book. “Thanks,” the biker hesitated squinting at her signature “Paula,” he added with a wink turning towards the doors as Paula turned an even deeper shade of red. “Really,” Daniel said as the biker moved out of earshot, “people like that should use the service entrance.”

Snobby twit” is what Paula wanted to say but she settled for suggesting that Daniel get in touch with the courier company and tells them. Glancing at the clock and longing for home time Paula spent most of the afternoon daydreaming about being whisked away into the sunset to some exotic location by the sexy biker. Finally the clock ticked towards the end of her shift, she reaching for her bag she got ready to make a fast getaway but before she could make her bid for freedom Mr Wessex strolled in through the front doors. Daniel hurried from behind the desk.

I have a package here for you Mr Wessex and the electricians have been in and fixed the problem with the second floor hall lights.” He said handing over the package. “Ah Paula could I see you in my office before you go, “, Wessex took the package from him, but barely acknowledged the obsequious Daniel as he walked past and into his office. “What have I done now?” Thought Paula, quickly grabbing her bag and following the boss into his office. “Have a seat,” Wessex gestured towards the chair opposite his own as he settled down behind an antique mahogany desk. “Enjoying working here?” “Yes,” she replied cautiously, wondering all the time where this conversation was heading. “Really? I would have thought it was pretty boring.” “Not at all,” she lied glibly, “I get to meet some interesting people.” An image of the long haired biker flashed into her mind. Mr Wessex smiled knowingly and peered at her over his steepled fingers.

Hmmm, how would you like to earn some extra money doing something you might find a little more exciting?” “Who wouldn’t?” The mention of extra money piqued her interest. “Is it legal?” “Oh perfectly legal,” he smiled again, “it’s just, how should I put it? A little unusual, before I go on I must ask you not to mention this conversation to anyone whether you accept or not. It’s something I would prefer to keep quiet.” Now her mind was racing, had she stumbled into some undercover spy ring, was he trying to recruit her to MI 6? “Okay,” she said guardedly, “tell me more I promise it won’t go any further.” “Good, good,” he placed his hands flat on the desk and took in a deep breath. “In your interview you said you enjoyed sport, yes?” “Yes I did,” now where was he going? “Good, well it’s like this I am a member of a very exclusive club that holds regular private events, and as it happens it is my turn to host one this evening but one of the regular girls has had to drop out, I need a replacement and I thought you might be interested” “But doing what?” Paula said whilst mentally preparing herself to tell him to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine and a visit to the local job centre in the morning.

Oh didn’t I say? How remiss of me I would like you to wrestle at my event tonight.” “Wrestle? What like Les Kellet and Jackie Pallo?” She fought back an urge to laugh. “Not quite my dear, let me show you then you can make a decision.” He reached into a desk drawer and took out what looked one of the new Sony Betamax tapes. Standing up he walked to cabinet opening the doors to reveal a TV and video recorder. He switched on the set, slotted in the tape and resumed his seat. “Watch this,” he said clicking buttons on a remote.

Paula twisted in her seat to get a better view of the screen. Snow gave way to an image of a large room with mats on the floor surrounded by a group of largely middle aged men. Wessex pressed fast forward and when the picture steadied two women wearing bikinis, one a short haired blonde the other a pony tailed brunette, were circling each other on the mat. Paula watched as the girls suddenly clashed in the centre of the mat each struggling to force the other to the mat. Eventually the blonde forced her opponent down and after struggling on the mat for a couple of minutes managed to pin the brunette’s shoulders to the mat. Wessex pressed the stop button. “Still interested?” He asked “Looked like the fights I had at school but without the scratching and hair pulling.” Wessex laughed and Paula thought for a moment. “I don’t have a bikini” “I’ll take that as a yes then and don’t worry about a bikini.”

I’m not fighting nude!” Paula said slightly horrified. “No, no you won’t have to we’ll supply you with something suitable. There’s no time for you to get home the club meets at 7pm so take this,” He handed her a five pound note, “ go get yourself something to eat then meet me in the big function room at 6:30 I’ll introduce you to some of the other members.” Paula slipped the fiver into her bag and still not quite sure what she was getting into headed straight out the front doors of the hotel.

Bugger it!” she said out loud drawing a few disapproving glances from passers-by, “silly moo you didn’t ask how much it paid,” she continued the sentence in her head, “bloody well better not just be a fiver!” Walking along the Strand she glanced in the various shop windows as she headed towards the recently opened McDonalds. Thoughts of a burger, coke and fries, “why don’t the Yanks call a chip a chip?” were suddenly pushed out of her head as spotted the “Mid- Season Sale now on” sign plastered across the window of Top Shop. An unexpected fiver in her purses and a sale, the burger fries and coke image in her head dissolved into one of new tops, maybe a skirt. Browsing the racks she picked up then replaced several items, nothing in her size, or just the wrong colours she was about to give up when she spotted the swim wear. “Could save myself having to wear someone else’s manky suit later,” she pushed aside the bikinis and worked her way to the one piece swimsuits, “Ugh too small!” she huffed replacing a nice black halter neck number. “Bingo!” she said as her eyes spotted a similar suit but in red and finally in the right size too, she checked the price and frowned even on sale it was still more than a fiver, but she had passed the rational thinking stage and was in the must leave with something even if it costs more than I can afford stage. She handed the swimsuit to the bored skinny girl working the till. Skinny looked at the labels then looked at Paula.

This is only a size 12 you sure it will fit you love.” Paula’s eyes narrowed and biting back a caustic reply she handed over her money. Now with no cash left for food Paula walked briskly back to the hotel. A short detour via her staff locker where she kept some spare clothes just in case she needed them and then a quick chat with Sharon the evening receptionist secured Paula the use of a vacant room so that she could have shower and freshen up before meeting Mr Wessex again. As she freshened up her mind wandered, “what have I let myself in for, I will probably have to wrestle some huge Russian shot putter. Perhaps it’s not too late to back out? Yes it is you have to go through with it.” She argued with herself as she dried her shoulder length blonde hair. Reading the time backwards in the mirror she grumbled as the red numbers of the digital clock, built into the bed’s head board, flickered over to 6:27. Not wanting to be late she quickly dragged on her jeans and pulled a t shirt over her head. Slipping her feet back into her heels she scooped her bag and headed down to the function room. Pushing open the door she peered in, a large blue mat was spread out in the middle of the room, on one side only was a row of seats “how odd,” she thought then she spotted the very expensive camera set up on the opposite side to the chairs. “He never mentioned filming me,” she shrugged it was too late to back out now. As she pondered the camera Mr Wessex walked in with an attractive brunette.

Ah there you are Paula, this is Linda she is the unofficial leader of our little group of fighters. She will look after you tonight.”

Linda looked Paula up and down. “Ever wrestled before?” Paula was surprised to hear the hint of an American accent. “Does throwing boys around after school count?” “It might help,” Linda smiled, “I’ll take Paula to meet the other girls and get ready, see you in a little while John.” Linda lead Paula away as the other guests started to walk in. Pushing open the door to the smaller function room Linda walked in with Paula close on her heels, “Hi girls this is Paula she is going to be joining us tonight.” Paula waved at the group of girls who were already in various stages of undress, discarded clothing draped over chairs and even more on the floor. The other girls greeted her with differing degrees of warmth and enthusiasm but they were all mentally sizing her up as a potential opponent.

John said you would need to borrow something to wear, there is bag there with spare gear in,” Linda pointed to a large holdall on the floor in the middle of the gaggle of girls. “It’s okay I went out and got myself something,” Paula reached into her bag and pulled out her new swimsuit. “Is this all right?” Linda smiled “That’ll do fine honey. Well find a space and change I’ll be back in a minute with the match ups for this evening’s show I just need to check something with John but it’ll be the usual format girls, fifteen minute time limit and best of three falls, five count pins or submissions.” Paula found a space and a little self-consciously started to undress. As she stripped off the doubts started to resurface along with a few butterflies in her stomach. The other girls were in the last stages of pulling on bikinis and adjusting straps and Paula felt slightly more out of place as she pulled on her red one piece.

That looks good on you,” said a tall, tanned and toned blonde girl. Paula guessed her to be a couple of years older. “I’m Debbie, this is Karen, Donna, Gina, Kat, Sue and Julie” she introduced herself, before rattling off the names of the other six girls so fast that Paula had almost forgotten who was who before she finished pointing them out. “I’m Paula,” she replied for want of something better to say. “Yeah we got that, “replied Gina sarcastically as she adjusted the fit of her white bikini before slipping on a dressing gown. “Don’t mind her Paula she’s always like that,” said Debbie handing Paula a similar dressing gown to put on. Paula slipped on the gown and mentally sized up her potential opponents. As she looked around she started to feel even more out of place. They were all at least a couple of years older than she was, all slimmer, all looked like they weighed a lot less than her and they all exuded an air of confidence that just made her feel more nervous. Linda returned with a piece of paper in her hand. “Okay this is the order, Kat, you and Paula first,” Linda pointed to each of them Kat, nodded and stepped over to Paula flicking back her long pony tail and smiling.

Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you too much,” she whispered in Paula’s ear as Linda continued down the list. “Julie and Debbie you’re second then Karen and Sue and lastly Gina and Donna. We’ll have short break after Gina and Donna’s match before the member’s choice match.” Linda slipped her notes into her jacket pocket, looked at the thin strapped, gold, Cartier watch on wrist. “Five minutes and then when you hear me call your name come into the other room. Oh one more thing, Paula how much do you weigh and how tall are you?” “Hmm just over ten stone and five foot six,” she replied trying to hide the nervous squeak in her voice. “Fat cow,” she heard Gina whisper to her partner Donna. "Good luck girls, have fun,” said Linda stepping back through the door to the main room.

Paula’s nerves were jangling now and she shut her eyes and tried to slow down her heart beat taking several deep breaths, she wondered if the other girls were nervous and just good at hiding it or so used to doing this that it was routine like brushing their teeth in the morning. Her eyes snapped open again as she heard Linda’s voice through the open door. “Good evening gentlemen introducing for our first match from Bristol standing five foot five inches and weighing one hundred and twenty eight pounds Kat!” Kat stepped forward and walked gracefully into the other room to a smattering of applause from the small exclusive audience. “And her opponent making her debut for us tonight from just down the road in Chiswick, standing five foot six inches and weighing one hundred and forty pounds please welcome Paula!” The butterflies in Paula’s stomach seemed to be whipped into frenzy as she heard her name, taking another deep breath and trying to look confident she walked into the other room.

The seats down the side of the mat were now occupied, and powerful lights illuminated the mat for the video camera. Kat had already slipped out of her robe, revealing her pink bikini and was waiting on the far corner of the mat. Nervously smiling Paula slipped of her own robe and left it by the mat. Slightly impatient Kat walked to the middle of the mat ready to get started. Paula met her in the middle and after a brief reinforcement of the rules by Linda the match was underway.

Circling like cats they moved around the mat Kat was the first to make a move grabbing at Paula’s hands. Slapping away Kat’s hands Paula darted back out of reach, circling again Kat made another move to grab Paula’s this time Paula decided to make her own lunge going high to try and snare Kat’s head. Kat smiled, side stepping and twisting as the younger girl came forward her hands flashing upwards to pull Paula into a head lock.

Go on Kat get her down!” one of the watching men shouted, as Paula found herself being pulled down and tightly locked against Kat’s leanly muscled body. Kat squeezed hard and pressed her hip into Paula as the young blonde tried to pull her arm away. Slipping her right between Paula’s feet from behind Kat suddenly twisted sharply, her hip slamming hard into Paula as she hooked the blonde’s leg away to send them both crashing to the mat.

As they thumped down into the mat Kat hooked her right leg over Paula’s back and tried toregain her grip on the blonde’s head. Winded by the impact Paula now found herself with Kat on top of her and her head once again clamped tight by the brunette’s strong right arm. “That’s it Kat you’ve got her now!” Kat’s fan cheered her edging forward on his seat for a better view of the action. “Come on Paula throw her off,” another member of the audience shouted.

I have a supporter at least!” the thought flashed through Paula’s mind, screwing up her face in pain as Kat started to pull her head back and squeeze with her arm. Pulling on Kat’s arm to try and relieve the pressure she wriggled and bucked beneath the brunette trying desperately to get her off. Kat lowered her had closer to Paula’s and hissed in her ear. “Just give up!” “Nooo!” Paula squealed and tried again to throw Kat from her back. Twisting sharply as she jerked her body upwards, she felt the brunette slide sideways and the arm round her head came loose. Sucking in a deep breath suddenly free of the strain on her neck she twisted more hoping to squirm away. Too late she realised that Kat had let her roll over, Kat's thighs were now clamped around her belly.

Owww!” she squealed again as Kat, crossing her ankles began to crush her soft tummy. Shaking her head, red in the face Paula pushed and pulled at Kats legs to no avail. The pain in her belly was becoming unbearable and she was struggling to breathe as Kat jerked her legs even tighter round her middle. Crying out she submitted. “Give, I give!” Kat immediately released her letting her roll panting onto her back. A ripple of applause came from the audience as she stared up at the ceiling fighting back tears. “First fall by submission to Kat,” announced Linda.

Standing quickly Kat went to her side of the mat where one of the spectators was waiting with a drink and a towel. Wiping her face and taking the offered drink she watched as Paula slowly got to her feet and made her way to where another man was waiting to help the youngster freshen up. “You’re doing well honey, are you okay to carry on?” Linda asked as Paula reached her corner Nodding to Linda and wiping an errant tear from the corner of her eye, Paula forced a smile as her second gave her a drink then she listened politely as he offered advice none of which she understood. Her breathing back at a more normal rate Paula, her pride hurting, was determined to even the score and was actually eager for Linda to call time on the break.

Ready girls?” Linda asked they both nodded and stepped back to the middle of the mat. “Go!” Once again they circled Kat smiling confidently tested Paula’s reactions feinting grabs at her hands trying to draw her into another rash counter attack. Paula waited and as Kat made another towards her hands shot out her own hands latching onto Kat’s left wrist with her right hand she threw her left hand high hooking it round trying to capture Kat’s head. Kat saw it coming instantly trying to twist and step back but she wasn’t fast enough. Paula powering forward slammed into her knocking her back and off balance. Missing Kat’s head with her left arm, as the brunette twisted, she grabbed at her waist instead and with a loud slap they thudded down into the mat.

Down on the mat the two girls struggled for the upper hand Paula determined to force Kat onto her back used her weight to try and roll her over. Securing a grip on both of Kats wrists she shoved the brunette’s arms up over her head and tried to wriggle on top. Linda moved around the mat to get a better view as Paula battled to press Kat’s shoulders down.

One… Two…” Linda counted and Kat violently twisted quickly getting her shoulder up. Shifting

her weight and stretching her body out on top of the squirming Kat Paula tried again.

One… Two… Three… Fo…” Once again Kat twisted her shoulder off the mat and managed to free one of her arms. Concentrating on recapturing Kat’s arm Paula was unaware of Kat’s legs that suddenly snaked up and around her middle. Paula caught hold of Kat’s wrist again just as Kat locked her legs round the blonde’s body. Trapped by Kat’s legs but still on top Paula didn’t know what to do and panicking slightly tried to throw herself off and sideways hoping to avoid the crushing power of Kat’s legs. Glad to free of the blonde’s weight pressing down her Kat rolled with her. Yanking her hands free and breaking her scissors Kat used Paula’s own twisting momentum to roll the youngster onto her back. Now Kat was astride Paula’s belly and grabbing for the blondes hands. Paula kicked her feet into the mat trying to buck Kat off but the brunette was ready for it and riding up with the blonde bounced down hard.

OOFF!” Paula gasped as she was driven back down. Kat snared Paula’s left arm with both hands and slid up onto her chest before Paula could buck again. Holding Paula’s arm out to the side Kat edged her right knee onto Paula’s left shoulder grinding it down to the mat. Feet kicking at the mat Paula tried to get a grip and tip her tormenter off but Kat wasn’t going to be moved. With Paula’s left arm trapped Kat grabbed twisted and stretched out Paula’s right arm before pinning it with her left knee. Desperately Paula lifted her legs trying to hook Kat away but the older girl was far too experienced to be caught.

One… Two… Three… Four…” Paula struggled but couldn’t shift Kat from her shoulders, “Five…” Linda completed the count. Kat slid down off Paula’s shoulders kneeling astride her tummy as the audience applauded her winning fall, whilst Paula once more fought back tears of frustration and embarrassment. “The winner by two falls to nil Kat!” Announced Linda, as Kat started to get up pulling Paula up with her. “Nice match newbie,” Kat whispered into Paula’s ear as she dragged the tearful youngster back to her feet. Linda moved between them and raised Kat’s hand “The winner!” she announced once more the raising Paula’s hand “A big hand for Paula, a great first effort.” More clapping came from the assembled guests mixed with a few well done comments. Paula shrugged and forced a smile before going to retrieve her robe. She was about to head back into the other room when Kat caught up with her.

Come and sit with me and watch the other matches,” Kat took her by the elbow and steered her towards the seats. Leaning close to Paula, Kat whispered, “it’s part of the deal for us to socialise with guests.” Paula’s face spoke volumes, Kat suppressing a giggle said, “No not what you are thinking just be friendly and talk to them about the matches.” Paula sighed clearly relieved that she was not expected to do anything but talk. “Hello David, “ Kat said to the middle aged man that had been Paula’s second for the match, as she dropped her robe on the floor and sat down. “Enjoy the match?”

Always do!” he replied smiling, “You did well too young’un,” he said to Paula as she copied Kat dropping her robe behind a chair before sitting down the other side of David. Listening politely as he pointed out her mistakes she had to bite her lip to stop laughing. Behind him and unseen Kat was pulling faces and mimicking his gestures. David realising something was up turned his head quickly, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are up to,” he said laughing, “You’re not so big that I couldn’t put you over my knee!” “Oh is that a promise!” Kat winked at Paula. Linda cut short the conversation as she introduced the next two girls. Red headed Julie entered first, quickly disrobing and taking her place on one side of the mat. There was brief pause before blonde Debbie followed her into the room. Smiling politely to David, Paula turned to watch the match.

By friar Copyright 2021


Extract from a longer story, story and artwork by Pitbull

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Cover of the female illustrated fight story kicked in the panties by Dark Giant


Extract from the illustrated female v female fighting story book by Dark Giant available from battle annals http://www.battle-annals.co.uk/dark-giant-stories-page/


A tale by Dark Giant.



Jenny and the burglar

Life for Jenny couldn’t be better. She was a beautiful 18 year old, she’d just left home, renting her own flat, and she was determined to have a good time! And that meant meeting some cool guys for romance. There was a club nearby that she knew the local beautiful people went to, and Jenny had no doubt she would fit in there.

She’d been shopping today, and bought some underwear that was perfect for a hot night with one of the good looking guys she was sure she’d meet tonight. She had a shower, then slipped on the pantie’s, coloured light blue and with lacy side panels, and for a moment, and looked down at her curvy figure.


God I’m sexy!” she thought. A little bit of weight loss would be good, she also thought, but some guys like a girl with a full figure.

And she would have continued contemplating the night of fun and romance she was sure awaited her, but her attention was caught by a sound from the living room. Must be that bag full of shopping she’d placed on the sofa has slipped off, she thought, better go and see. So, still clad in just the pantie’s , Jenny entered the flats main room, and got a nasty shock, as she was confronted by the sight of a burglar! A girl burglar, about the same age as herself, rummaging through her belongings. Jenny was frozen by surprise for a second, but not the intruder , who punched her in the stomach! “Oof!” Jenny cried out as she doubled over in pain. The thief grabbed the items of Jenny’s she’d found earlier, and prepared to make her escape, but the other girl wasn’t going to allow herself to be robbed. Fighting to regain her breath, Jenny blocked the burglars path to the front door. “That’s my Ipod and camera you’ve got, bitch! You’re not getting away with them without a fight!” Jenny had never been in a fight, but she was angry, and seeing she was bigger than the thief, felt quite confidant of overpowering her.

2. Jenny get’s beaten up

The other girl was a pretty little blonde, dressed in trousers and short sleeved blouse. And she wasn’t scared by Jenny, in fact she smiled. “Ok, let’s fight.” Jenny did what most girls do in a scrap, she went for her opponents hair, her raised arms leaving her whole body exposed to attack. And attack was what the burglar did, kicking her right between her beautiful thighs! “Agh, god!” Jenny screamed, as she clutched at her painful crotch, tears welling in her eyes. She just couldn’t believe this girl had kicked her there, girls don’t fight that dirty. And how it hurt! It scared Jenny to, being hit violently in her private.


 The other girl grinned, “right in your baby maker! I’m Holly, by the way, I want you to know whose kicking your ass.” And with that the diminutive blonde smacked her in the mouth. “Uum!” Jenny cried as she put her hands to her bloodied lips, tears now streaming from her eyes. And with her arms raised Jenny’s big tits were exposed like a pair of punching bags, and Holly couldn’t resist such tempting targets. She swung a fist into each, the blows making a loud smack as they impacted on the soft orbs!

My boobs, you punched my boobs!” Jenny covered her bruised tits with her arms. She was hurt, scared, she’d never been in a fight in her life, and as she tried to retaliate, that inexperience showed. Holly laughed as she dodged an inept punch from Jenny. “You fight like a girl”, the little blonde grinned, and demonstrated her own fighting skill with a flurry of blows to her opponents pretty face.

Part of a longer illustrated female v female fight story book by Dark Giant


copyright 2011